What We Do in Food and Agriculture

Nattharinee (Chris) is a consultant in agriculture and has been active in the fruit and vegetable for close to two decades. Now, she assists farms in Thailand with their business. Her daily job consists of dealing with the cultivation, harvesting, exporting, research and development for the farms, among many other tasks. “If there is a producer that has new produce available for sale during the season, I will help them to promote that item to the public. I will help to setup selling price, make marketing materials, contact global buyers and even plan for the packing and shipment.

I’ll start posting on B2B or Social Media websites, like LinkedIn. Before the producer will come and discuss about selling the product with my help, they will prepare records of the cultivation and harvesting, including photos, products details and prices that he/she is willing to sell the produce for. After this point, I will start to work as an outsourced export sales & marketing department for the client. This means sending offers to potential buyers and negotiate and finalize all issues in order to close the deal. Most producers here in Thailand, or my region, are very good at cultivation, but they don’t know enough about sales and marketing, export and import, they mostly don’t even speak other languages like English or use a computer, let alone the internet.”

Farm-Gate Exporter/Merchant Exporter (Sourcing, Buying and Shipping) 

We are seasoned sales professionals with a solid global network. We have “been there, done that” in terms of quality assurance, organizing, packing, shipping, international paperwork, currency exchange, logistics tracking, payments, receivables and follow up required for each shipment.

Our team is formally educated in accounting, finance, internet marketing, and logistics. This is creates an “all in one place deal” for both the Farmer, and our Wholesale Customers. Our “middle-man” status in deals, takes away much of the emotion and fear Chaiyaphum farmers face when trying to make deals. This ends confusion, mistakes, and unhappy results, for all parties in the process.

Social Media information liquidity and marketing. The fact is, Chaiyaphum farmers are not “computer people” or internet savvy. Modern marketing and communication is ever changing, takes a lot of time and energy to do correctly, and is easy to “confuse effort with results.” We understand internet / mobile phone marketing, and stay ahead by constantly adapting to an ever-changing environment.

In summary, we work at the farm and village level, creating strong positive relationships with wonderful hard working Thai Farmers, and introduce them to the agricultural wholesale world in ways they have little expertise or interest in.

We are Thai, with roots in agriculture and a high trust relationship with some of the most productive and high quality food producers on the planet.
We are the bridge that brings this bounty top market. That is wonderful, and the real advantage is in our efficient and effective management of the process to ensure high quality wile hold down cost.

High quality products, professionally packed, shipped, delivered … with a modern tracking / payable / receivable system that allows easy international transactions.
We own farms and produce our own food brands, we work with other farmers to access top quality products at levels to satisfy wholesale buyers, and we provide a “Business Expansion Service” to Importers & Exporters.

LC Global Food (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Contact: Call +66 86 844 8608 or +66 94 2716802
Email nattharineeruecha@roadmapthaifarmers.com 

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